Road Photos & Information: Tasmania
View along Buxton's Rd (C135) at Wilmot, with Mt Roland at sunset. Image © Peter Renshaw.

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Tasmania is an island state that covers an area of 68 401 square kilometres on the south-easternmost part of Australia. 1

The State-owned road network consists of 3650 km of road. The State road network primarily consists of roads that provide connectivity between cities, major towns, rural catchments and key port and air transport hubs. The Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources has adopted a five-tier hierarchy. 2

The Hierarchy identifies five categories of roads: 2

Tasmania route numbering system is alphanumeric. Tasmania was the first state to introduce alphanumeric routes, with the exception of one route – National Highway 1. This is because of a Federal Government requirement, when the system was introduced, that the National Highway route be signposted with the traditional National Highway shield. Before the introduction of alphanumeric route numbering in the late 1970s, a small collection of State Routes existed, similar to those used in other states prior to the introduction of alphanumeric route numbers.

Below are the various roads that this site has photos of. The numbered routes are sorted by their route number. To view each gallery, click on the thumbnail or route number.

Route Number: Description: Preview:
National Highway 1 (Burnie to Hobart):
Brooker Highway, Midland Highway & Bass Highway
A2 A2 (Burnie to Marrawah):
Bass Highway
A3 A3 (Launceston to Hobart):
Tasman Highway
A4 A4 (Conara to Falmouth):
Esk Main Road & Elephant Pass Road
A5 A5 (Deloraine to Melton Mowbray):
Lake Highway, Meander Valley Road & Highland Lakes Road
A6 A6 (Hobart to Southport):
Huon Highway & Southern Outlet
A7 A7 (Launceston to Greens Beach):
West Tamar Highway
A8 A8 (Launceston to Low Head):
East Tamar Highway
A9 A9 (Sorell to Port Arthur):
Arthur Highway
A10 A10 (Burnie to Hobart):
Murchison Highway, Zeehan Highway & Lyell Highway
B11 B11 (Miena to Bronte):
Marlborough Road
B12 B12 (Deloraine to King Solomons Cave):
Mole Creek Road & Liena Road
B13 B13 (Elizabeth Town to Latrobe):
Kimberley Road & Railton Road
B14 B14 (Railton to Spreyton):
Foster Street, Sheffield Main Road, Sheffield Road & High Street
B15 B15 (Ulverstone to Nietta):
Castra Road
B16 B16 (Forth to Sprent):
Kindred Road
B18 B18 (Burnie To Guildford):
Mount Street & Ridgley Highway
B24 B24 (Queenstown to Strahan):
Lyell Highway
B27 B27 (Zeehan to Strahan):
Zeehan Highway, Henty Road, Andrew Street & The Esplanade
B31 B31 (Cambridge to Jericho):
Cambridge Road, Richmond Road, Bridge Street, Franklin Street & Colebrook Road
B32 B32 (Bridgewater to Rose Bay):
East Derwent Highway
B33 B33 (Mornington To O'Possum Bay):
South Arm Highway, Rokeby Road & South Arm Road
B35 B35 (Otago to Goodwood):
Goodwood Road
B36 B36 (New Town To Queens Domain):
Domain Highway
B41 B41 (Breadalbane to Leighlands):
Evandale Road & Leighlands Road
B54 B54 (Deloraine to Travellers Rest):
Meander Valley Way
B64 B64 (South Hobart to Sandfly):
Davey Street, Huon Road & Sandfly Road
B68 B68 (Hobart to Huonville):
Sandy Bay Road, Channel Highway & Southern Outlet
B73 B73 (Hillwood to Sidmouth):
Batman Highway
C132 C132 (Forth to Guildford):
Wilmot Road, Cradle Mountain Road & Cradle Mountain Development Road
C136 C136 (Moina To Sheffield):
Spring Street, Claude Road & Cethana Road
C140 C140 (Roland to Mt Roland):
Staverton Road
C142 C142 (Ulverstone To West Ulverstone):
Eastland Drive, Main Street, Crescent Street, Kings Parade, Hobbs Parade, South Road & Knights Road
C240 C240 (Wynyard To Doctors Rocks):
Inglis Street, Goldie Street & Old Bass Highway
C305 C305 (Ross to Tooms Lake):
Chiswick Road, Church Street, Roseneath Road, Bridge Street, Bond Street & Tooms Lake Road
C312 C312 (Oatlands To Runnymede):
High Street, Dudley Street, Tunnack Road, New Country Marsh Road & Woodsdale Road
C351 C351 (Richmond To Penna):
Bridge Street, Wellington Street & Brinktop Road
C402 C402 (Breadalbane to Kings Meadows):
Hobart Road
C403 C403 (Kings Meadows to St Leonards):
Kings Meadows Link, Quarantine Road, Johnston Road, St Leonards Road & Abels Hill Road
C623 C623 (Kingston to Margate):
Beach Road, Roslyn Avenue, Brightwater Road & Howden Road
C643 C643 (Tolmans Hill  to Mount Nelson):
Olinda Grove & Nelson Road

1 Geoscience Australia
2 Tasmanian Department of Infrstructure, Energy and Resources

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