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B14   Foster Street, Sheffield Main Road, Sheffield Road & High Street (B14)


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B14 is a horseshoe shaped route in northern Tasmania, running from Railton & Kimberley Roads (B13) at Railton through Sheffield and back north to the Devonport area, ending on Mersey Main Road (B19) about 5 km west of where B13 starts. It services important tourist towns like Sheffield and is used as a through route towards Cradle Mountain.


Railton to Spreyton   Spreyton to Railton
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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Kimberley Rd (B13) approaching Crocker St, Foster St (B13 & B14) at Railton. November 2007.

Image © Peter Renshaw

  Southbound Near Lower Barrington:
Travelling south from Spreyton, the roadscape is dominated by Mt Roland - picture taken south of Lower Barrington near Weeks Road, November 2007.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign facing Bridle Track Rd (C156) at Sheffield, June 2019.

Image © Paul Rands

  Entering Sheffield:
Entering Sheffield from the west, approaching West Kentish Rd (C141) and West Nook Rd. November 2007.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign at the junction of Sheffield Rd (B14) and Barrington Rd (C143) at Barrington, March 2013.

Image © Garry Coxhead

B14 as it passes through the Sheffield town centre, March 2013.

Image © Garry Coxhead

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