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A4 Esk Main Road / Elephant Pass Road (A4)


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A4 is in an interesting route as there is 2 parts to it, the longer section is named Esk Main Road and runs from Cleveland to Falmouth, and the shorter section is named Elephant Pass Road, and is a spur from St Marys to Chain of Lagoons - both acting as connectors to the Tasman Highway (A3).

The Esk Main Road's highest elevation along its length is 362m and the lowest point is at 59.3m above sea level. The Esk Main Road is the principal link between the Midland Highway and Tasman Highway on the East Coast. It carries a significant number of heavy vehicles and is widely used by tourists.


Cleveland to Falmouth Falmouth to Cleveland
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Entering St Marys:
Esk Main Road (A4) as it enters the town of St Marys, March 2016.

Image © Garry Coxhead

Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign assembly at the corner of Esk Main Road (A4) and Elephant Pass Rd (Story St) (A4) at St Marys, March 2016.

Image © Garry Coxhead

St Marys Town Centre:
Esk Main Road (A4) as it passes through St Marys, March 2016.

Image © Garry Coxhead

Advance Directional Sign:
Southbound AD sign on the Midland Hwy (NH1) at Cleveland as you approach the western terminus of Esk Main Road. May 2007.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Chain Of Lagoons to St Marys
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Advance Directional Sign:
Northbound at St Marys approaching Esk Main Road from Story Street / Elephant Pass Road. November 2007.

Image © Peter Renshaw

1 Tasmanian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works
2 Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

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