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Expressway was started on May 5, 2002 by Paul Rands.

The site is a hobby, from an interest in road-related things since childhood. The site was inspired by Bradley Torr's, Sam Laybutt's and Lachlan Sim's highway sites. It was also inspired by the lack of Australian sites available at the time.

These days there are plenty of Aussie Road sites, official and unofficial.

The Australian Road Sign Graphics section is designed to be a vault of current and past standard road signs. The images are reproductions based on old traffic sign catalogues, user handbooks and official Manual of Uniform Traffic Devices. Signs are also reproduced from photographs and from memory.

General Disclaimer:

Information and views presented on this site represent the author of the site, and in no way the views of the author's employers. While all efforts are made to ensure the accuracy, currency and standard of this web site, visitors are advised that the author cannot assume responsibility for any incorrect or misleading information resulting. For further information, visitors are advised to seek official local government web sites and/or state controlled road authorities and associations which can be found in the links section.


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What Expressway does with your information when you contact the site:

If you contact the site for information on something that is presented or for site submissions, your messages and contact information is only used by those people involved within the creation of the site, which is the author, Paul Rands, and photo or information submitters. Your information will never be sold to or provided to a third-party, apart from those already mentioned, without your permission. This is not applicable and cannot be controlled if a third party gains unauthorised access to information stores.

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Copyright Information:

This site © Paul Rands.

Some portions © (copyright) by their respective & credited owners. Permission must be obtained before using any images from this site. For details, please email by clicking here.

Looking for authentic Australian road sign / route shield graphics for your web site or project?

If you need authentic looking road sign or route shield graphics in SVG format for your web site, or desktop publishing project, please send an email indicating your details, what the project is, whether you're from a not-for-profit organisation or not, and what images you're after.

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