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B16 is a link road between Castra Rd (B15) and Forth Rd (B19) in the hinterland behind Ulverstone on the north west coast of Tasmania. It is the responsibility of Central Coast Council.

The current route was not the one originally planned in 1980 - a 1981 Route Direction Progress Map shows that B16 originally ran along Kindred Rd from Forth to Swamp Rd and then through to Castra Rd. The current alignment between Swamp Rd and Castra Rd was designated as C130. It is not known at what stage the current alignment was approved.

There are no intersecting numbered routes. Geales Rd does provide a local connecting route through to the C132 at Wilmot and carries local tourist route signs at the Wilmot end.

B16 is a well sealed route throughout and passes through rich agricultural land, mainly market gardens.

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Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign at Castra Rd (B15) at Sprent, November 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Kindred Area:
View north east from near Swamp Rd intersection (Geale Rd intersection can be seen just in front of the dark clump of trees on the right), November 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Geales Road:
Corner of Kindred Rd (B16) and Geales Rd (Coast to Canyon Touring Route) at Kindred, November 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign at the junction with Forth Rd (B19) at Forth, which is the northern terminus of the route, November 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

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