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Expressway: The Australian Highway Site

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This site is not in any way official, however it does look at, in detail, highways, freeways and various roads that traverse Australia. Expressway aims to be a comprehensive site on the Australian road and highway network. The site also boasts a section covering Australian towns and cities, with photos and information about the towns and communities that make Australia so unique.

Within the site you'll find information on routes, various infrastructure and much more, plus there's thousands of photos not just covering roads but also traffic signals, bridges, signs and other road-related items. There's also a sign graphic section showing the various signs, past and present encountered on Australian roads, amongst other things.

If you after something specific, check out the search engine, and once your done here, slide on over to the links section, where there's a comprehensive list of other road related sites to take a look at.

Comments are welcome on both the information and images presented. Submissions to the site are also welcome and are duly credited.

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Advice: This website may contain images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have passed away

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