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B73 Batman Highway (B73)


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B73 is an arterial road linking the East and West Tamar Highways northeast of Launceston. A key route in a region the route is the only crossing point of the River Tamar north of Launceston, it passes through mostly rural areas and is a 2-lane undivided road.

The route features the Batman Bridge over the River Tamar and both the highway and bridge are named after John Batman, who was a Launceston businessman and co-founder of Melbourne. The bridge was the first cable-stayed bridge in Australia and among the first such bridges in the world. 1


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Batman Bridge:
Westbound view of the Batman Bridge at Deviot, over the River Tamar, 2008.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

River Tamar:
Batman Hwy (B73) as it crosses River Tamar via Batman Bridge at Deviot, 2008.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

1 QVMAG, Douglas Ewington, A-frame, 23 October 2008
2 Sam Laybutt (Ozroads)

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