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C142 Eastland Drive, Main Street, Crescent Street, Kings Parade, Hobbs Parade, South Road and Knights Road (C142)


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C142 is the former Bass Highway alignment through the Ulverstone area on Tasmania's north coast and is part of the Great Nature Trail themed tourist drive.

The route features a bridge over the River Leven and is mostly undivided for most of its length, passing through residential, light industrial and commercial areas. It serves a very rich farming district and is the main tourist access route to Leven Canyon, a fairly spectacular state park including the very deep gorge of the Leven River. 2


Ulverstone to West Ulverstone West Ulverstone to Ulverstone
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Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign on Crescent St (C142) facing Reibey St at Ulverstone, August 2011. The NH1 shields should be prefixed with 'To' or 'Via'.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Leven River Bridge
The new Leven River Bridge, West Ulverstone, August 2011.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Leven River Bridge:
The Leven River Bridge, with the old one under deconstruction alongside it, Ulverstone, August 2011.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Old Leven River Bridge:
Old bridge next to the new bridge, West Ulverstone, August 2011.

Image © Peter Renshaw

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2 Peter Renshaw
3 Parliament of Tasmania, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, Reports, Replacement of the Leven River Bridge, 2009

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