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Crews installing a sign on Barton Highway at Hall, ACT, October 2017. Image © Paul Rands

Welcome to the road sign photo gallery. You will find photos of current signs, custom signs, signs with errors and also photos of vintage signs still on display or in service.

There are 3 main categories of road signs in Australia 1

Regulatory signs:

Regulatory signs instruct road users of their legal obligations eg speed limits, prohibited or permitted movements at intersections, and parking controls. Most regulatory signs are rectangular with a black legend on a white background.


Warning signs:

Warning signs indicate hazards which may not be obvious to the approaching driver. Warning signs are generally a diamond shape with a black legend or symbol on a yellow background to indicate caution.

Warning signs include:

Guide signs:

Guide signs inform motorists of:

Custom Signs General Signs Vintage Signs
Photos of signs created due to special road conditions or requirements Photos of recent style standard signs Photos of old road signs still on display or in use at the time of capture

1 Transport SA

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