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B12 Mole Creek Road & Liena Road (B12)


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B12 is a spur road from the Bass Highway at Deloraine to King Solomons Cave near Liena. It serves the Mole Creek valley, an important dairying district, but also is an important tourist route with a number of attractions including the Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek and the Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves.

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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on the Bass Highway (NH1) at Deloraine, August 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Mole Creek Valley:
Mole Creek Rd, looking west down Mole Creek Valley approaching Chudleigh, August 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

Western Terminus:
End B12 route marker at King Solomons Cave, August 2008.

Image © Peter Renshaw

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