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Tasmania: Orford
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Orford is located on the mouth of the Prosser River on Tasmania's east coast.

The town was named by Edward Walpole, who was granted 1000 acres in the area in 1831. He named his grant "Strawberry Hill", after the London residence of his relative Horace Walpole who was the Third Earl of Orford. The town was first established as a mainland port for the convict settlement on Maria Island. The larger township of Triabunna approximately 6 km north is the main port in the area, and is the base for the region's fishing and timber industries, as well as the ferry service operating to and from Maria Island.

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Prosser Bay:
View of Prosser Bay from Orford,with Maria Island in the distance, July 2018.

Image © Paul Rands

Prosser River:
View of Prosser River at Orford, July 2018.

Image © Paul Rands

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