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Tasmania: Franklin
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Franklin lies on the western banks of the Huon River, a short drive from Hobart. The town centre hugs the Huon Highway and consists of a small number of historic buildings.

The town is named after Sir John Franklin and his wife Lady Jane Franklin who subdivided a large property there formerly owned by John Price to settle families of modest means. The Franklins had a boat named Huon Pine built at Port Davey to provide a direct link between the settlement at Hobart. The town was originally called Huon in 1848, but eventually became Franklin in 1878. Until the 1930s Franklin was the major town in the Huon Valley. Its jetties were thriving with many ships before local roads were improved.

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Huon River:
View of the Huon River from Huon Hwy at Franklin, July 2018.

Image © Paul Rands

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