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Stanthorpe, QLD's coldest region is set in the southern highlands region of QLD just off from the New England Highway. The town was established in 1857 as a coach station but boomed in 1872 when rich deposits of tin was discovered in the area. Nowadays the town is the centre for the local fruit and vegetable industries. The town itself is quiet, clean with the standout features being the lookout at Mt Marlay and the parks adjacent to Quart Creek. The town name Stanthorpe originates from a combination of the Latin word for tin "stannum" and the old English word for town "thorpe".

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Town Centre:
Maryland Street in Stanthorpe, December 2002.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Town Centre:
High Street, Stanthorpe, December 2002.

Image © Michael Greenslade

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