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Queensland: Childers
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Named after Hugh Childers, a member of the House of Commons in England during the 1800's, Childers lies at the junction of the Bruce and Isis Highways, and is perched on a ridge overlooking hectares of sugar cane amongst rich red, volcanic soil. The town has been classified a National Trust town, and rightly so with various colonial buildings amongst the large, shady leopard trees lining the main street (Bruce Hwy). Childers also has had a sad history, with much of the town destroyed in a fire in 1902 and (subsequent re-building has resulted in a wide variety of architectural designs) also subject to arson in 2000 when the Central Hotel was burnt down. Despite this, the town is a beautiful, warm place to visit - often bustling on weekends with the plethora of shops and activity.

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Childers Town Centre:
Looking east along Churchill Street (Bruce Highway), Childers, December 2002.

Image © Michael Greenslade

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