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New South Wales: Lightning Ridge
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Lightning Ridge, one of NSW's most northerly towns lies just off the Castlereagh Highway, 75km north of Walgett. The town is well known for opal mining and jointly serves as the centre for the surrounding primary industries. Plenty of opal activities on in and around the town - designated fossicking areas, underground mine tours and opal cutting demonstrations can be arranged. Also of interest are the local Hot Artesian Bore Baths, opal shops in town and the flying bus aeroplane near the Lightning Ridge hotel motel.

The town apparently gained its name after a shepherd, dog and 600 sheep were killed in an electrical storm while sheltering on a nearby ridge.

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Lightning Ridge Town Centre:
Looking west along Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge, December 2003.

Image © Michael Greenslade

The Opal Cave:
The Opal Cave on Morilla Street, featuring some unique artwork, December 2003.

Image © Michael Greenslade

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