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New South Wales: Gilgandra
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Gilgandra, located in central western New South Wales, lies along the Castlereagh River and at the key geographical position where the Newell, Oxley and Castlereagh Highways all intersect.

Established in the mid 1880's after a bridge was built over the Castlereagh River, the town became the centre for the local primary industries (sheep, cattle and pig farming primarily). Growth occurred, similarly with Coonamble to the north when the railway line was extended north from Dubbo. From WW1, the town became affectionately known as the Home of the Coo-ees after several men had to march to Sydney after receiving no army support to enlist for recruitment.

The town is quite pleasant, has a colourful CBD and unusual shape as it parallels the Castlereagh River - also remains an important stop for motorists considering its key position. The town's name has Aboriginal origins, meaning 'long waterhole'.

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Gilgandra Town Centre:
Miller St (Castlereagh Hwy (B55)) passing through the Gilgandra town centre, Janaury 2014.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Gilgandra Town Centre:
Miller St (Castlereagh Hwy (B55)) passing through the Gilgandra town centr, Janaury 2014. Click here for a photo of this location by Michael Greenslade from December 2002.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Corner of Miller St (Castlereagh Hwy (B55)) and Castlereagh St (Oxley Hwy (B55)), Janaury 2014.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Castlereagh Hwy (Miller St), near the war memorial, approaching Oxley Hwy in the Gilgandra town centre, October 2004.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

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