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New South Wales: Collector
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Located approximately halfway between Canberra and Goulburn, Collector is a small town that was a service town when the Federal Highway passed through the town centre. Since being bypassed, Collector has taken on a slower pace, but features a number of old buildings and eateries. The main industry of the area is farming and wines and the town is located just a few minutes from the perennial Lake George.

Established in the mid 1800s by European settlers, the towns indigenous inhabitants named the area Colegdar. In 1988 the Federal Highway was relocated to the east of the town to provide a dual carriageway flood-free route between Sydney and Canberra.

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Entering Collector:
Collector Rd (former Federal Hwy) entering the town of Collector from the south, April 2017.

Image © Paul Rands

Collector Town Centre:
Murray St, Collector, April 2017.

Image © Paul Rands

St Batholomews Church:
St Batholomews Catholic church on Bourke St, Collector, April 2017.

Image © Paul Rands

Memorial Hall:
Collector Memorial Hall on Bourke St, April 2017.

Image © Paul Rands

Entering Collector:
Breadalbane Rd as it enters the town of Collector, April 2017.

Image © Paul Rands

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