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This section features photos of standard signs that appear in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Devices used by various road agencies and councils around Australia. This section also includes signs that may only be used in a specific state or territory but not nationally.

This page covers signs made for bicyle related uses, such as bike lanes, shared paths, etc.

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Cyclists Must Dismount Sign:
Sign directing cyclists to dismount from their bike. Usually used at pedestrian crossings and similar locations. Superseded by G9-58.

Image © Paul Rands

Separated Path Sign:
Sign denoting path is separated between pedestrians and bicycles (R8-3). Usually one form of traffic will use one side of the dividing line painted on the path. This photo shows the sign with the supplementary 'END' plate (R7-4).

Image © Paul Rands

Slippery Path for Bicycles Sign:
Sign warning cyclists to watch for slippery path or road conditions. (QLD TC9558).

Image © Paul Rands

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