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Route Number Olympic Highway (National Route 41) (Decommissioned)


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National Route 41 is a rural highway in southern New South Wales. It services rural communities and links the Hume Highway with the Mid Western Highway and Sturt Highway.

The route was named Olympic Way, as it was the path that the Olympic Torch took on its journey to Melbourne for the 1956 Summer Olympics. The torch was carried from Cairns to Melbourne. For the 1956 Summer Olympics the Olympic Flame, or torch, was carried along the road from Cowra to Wagga Wagga. For the 2000 Summer Olympics the torch was carried from Wagga Wagga to Cowra en route to Sydney. 2

The Olympic Highway features the Kapooka Bridge which crosses the railway line at Kapooka. It was built in 1880 and features 2 right angle bends at the approaches to the bridge, which have been the scene of several crashes. 3

Multiplexes along the route include:


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