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Macquarie Street, George Street, The Northern Road, Richmond Road, Parker Street, The Northern Road, Camden Valley Way & Narellan Road (Metroad 9) (Decommissioned)


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Metroad 9 is a major north-south route on Sydney's outer western fringe. It passes through residential, commercial and farming areas.

The route is mostly undivided semi-rural road, except through the main area of Windsor (duplexed with SR40), between Cambridge Gardens to Glenmore Park and from Narellan to Campbelltown. In these areas, it's mostly divided multi-lane roadway.

The Tourist Drive 18 duplex runs from the interchange with Hume Hwy (NH31 / Metroad 5) at Blairmount to Park Road at Luddenham. Up until 2008, Tourist Drive 14 and State Route 40 used to be duplexed along the route through Windsor.


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