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  Lane Cove Tunnel, Hills Motorway, Old Windsor Road, Windsor Road & Bridge Street (Metroad 2) (Decommissioned)


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Metroad 2 is a major route located in the Sydney area, linking the northwestern suburbs with Sydney's inner suburbs, and eventually via, several other routes to the central business district.

The standard of the route varies from multi-laned arterial road through to freeway standard (covered by the 21 km long Hills Mwy) 1. It passes through inner city suburbs, residential areas, light industrial areas and semi-rural areas.

The Hills Motorway segment of Metroad 2 was funded and built by the private sector which will operate, maintain and repair the motorway until 2042, when it will revert to the ownership of the NSW government. The Hills Motorway consists of a four-lane expressway plus a two-lane busway (between the east-bound and west-bound carriageways) from Beecroft Road to Old Windsor Road, breakdown lanes and cyclist lanes. 1

The route has gone through a number of signficant changes since it was introduced, along with Sydney's other Metroads back in the early 1990s. Several changes to routing have occured, massive upgrades between Seven Hills and Windsor and more. Details of the changes are covered in the history section below.

Metroad 2 features the following multiplexes:

The introduction of M7 is the first official public display of alphanumeric route numbering in New South Wales, however there has been several instances of incorrectly uncovered alphanumeric shields across the state.


The Roads and Traffic Authority's Heritage Register features a detailed history on the route, and can be found here.

Click here for construction photos taken during the upgrade of Windsor Road and Old Windsor Road.
Click here for former alignment photos of the Metroad 2 / State Route 40 alignment between Seven Hills and Windsor.

1 Roads and Traffic Authority

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