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Westlink (M7) is an orbital route in the western, northwestern and southwestern suburbs of Sydney. It provides an uninterrupted journey between the Hills Mwy (M2), Western Mwy (M4) and Hume Motorway (M31).

The route is full freeway standard and uses distance based tolling which is collected via electronic tolling stations over the road lanes. This means motorists have a seamless journey with no slowing down or stopping for toll plazas or boom gates.

Prior to the opening of the route, it was known as the Western Sydney Orbital (WSO). M7 features a total of 17 interchanges along its route, and at the time of opening, bypassed 48 sets of traffic lights.

Westlink also features the spectacular Light Horse Interchange at Eastern Creek, which was Australia's first ever full freeway to freeway interchange, allowing traffic movements in all directions. A 55 metre illuminated mast at the Light Horse Interchange honours members of Australia's famous Light Horse Brigades. Two thousand commemorative red batons 'sprout' from native grasses on the median strips of both the Western Mwy and Westlink interchange approaches, signifying the predominant regimental colours of red and green. 2

Westlink (M7) was the first road in NSW to use the alphanumeric numbering system.


Map Baulkham Hills to Eastern Creek Eastern Creek to Prestons

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