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M5   South Western Motorway (M5)


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M5 is a major arterial route from the Airport and CBD to the south-western suburbs of Sydney.

The Casula bypass and Moorebank Avenue to King Georges Road sections are owned by Interlink Roads Pty Limited. The M5 East, the Liverpool Bridge and the Hume Highway are RMS owned. The tolling arrangements on the tolled section started as a 30 year operating contract, with the original date of reverting to the public being August 2022. However the Moorebank Avenue overpass works have extended the contract by 1.1 years, putting the revised reversion date at September 2023.

The South Western Motorway features 2 tunnels, a 4 kilometre one under Bardwell Park and Arncliffe and another short one near Kingsford Smith Airport at Kyeemagh.

Click here for the official website for the M5 South West Motorway, which is operated by Interlink Roads. They operate the Casula Bypass and the motorway from Moorebank Avenue interchange at Moorebank through to King Georges Road at Beverly Hills.


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