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B75   Cobb Highway (B75)


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The Cobb Highway commences at Moama on the Murray River and continues for in a northerly direction through Mathoura, Deniliquin, Hay, Booligal, Mossgiel and Ivanhoe, to a junction with the Barrier Highway (A32) a few kilometres south of Wilcannia. At Deniliquin the Highway connects with the Riverina Highway (B58) and at Hay it intersects the Sturt Highway (A20) and connects with the Mid-Western Highway (B64). 1

It follows a route at one time used by coaches of Cobb & Co., the great pioneering firm whose coaching activities which commenced in 1853 and amongst their many services operated a route through the Riverina to Wilcannia and Broken Hill. 1

10 km north of Deniliquin, there is a survey tree, which is a large eucalypt. It features a surveyors' benchmark, which comprises of a chiselled "V" section lettering "T" and a broad arrow on a very weathered scar surface. A section at the base of the tree has also been carved away though the galvanised nail that would originally have been in place is no longer present. Benchmarks established by the Main Roads Board, the authority in place between 1925 and 1932 typically featured the lettering "MRB BM" and a number relating to the location of the mark within the sequence. That the benchmark was limited to a "T" mark therefore is indicative of it having been placed after this period, when the management of roads was passed on to the Department of Main Roads (DMR). 1


1 Roads & Traffic Authority

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