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Exit distance sign on the Southern Mwy (SH1) at Otara showing both Urban Route and State Highway shields. Image © Dean Sherry

You've arrived at the road photos and information section that covers the country of New Zealand.

Over 4.7 million people live in New Zealand 1 and the country is made up of two main islands, the north and south islands, and the road network is connected via ferry between the islands, which links the 2 sections of State Highway 1, the main route through the country.

The state highway network has about 199 kilometres of motorway, with most in Auckland. Motorways carry 10% of New Zealand's traffic. The state highway network has almost 11,000 kilometres of road, with 5981.3km in the North Island and 4924.4km in the South Island. State Highway 1 in central Auckland is the busiest road in New Zealand, carrying more than 200,000 vehicles a day. The first section of motorway ran for three miles (4.8km) between Takapu Road and Johnsonville in Wellington. It opened in December 1950 as part of the main approach to Wellington city. 2

State Highways Urban Routes Decommissioned Routes
The red and white route markers indicate routes which are part of the State Highway System. They indicate the most direct routes between major cities. The black on white markers indicate highways around major cities which are of local arterial significance. Routes that have had their number removed due to diminished importance.

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