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Advance Direction Sign on Southern Mwy (SH1) at the interchange with Mt Wellington Hwy (UR6) (Exit 438) at Mt Wellington. Image © Dean Sherry

State highways are those roads in New Zealand that form a nationally strategic purpose in moving people and goods throughout New Zealand. The term ‘state highway’ differentiates between local roads, built and maintained by local authorities, and the national state highway network. ‘State’, in the sense used here, is an older term meaning ‘government’. 1

The New Zealand Transport Agency has established a numbering scheme for the State Highway System and it works as follows:

Not all of these numbers are allocated, although SH99 runs between SH6 north of Invercargill and Clifden, near Tūātapere. 1

There is no route number differentiation between motorways, highways, expressways, and so on, they just form part of the road network. New Zealand started building motorways very early, beating nearby Australia by several years. The first section of motorway ran for three miles (4.8kms) between Takapu Road and Johnsonville in Wellington. It opened in December 1950 as part of the main approach to Wellington city. 1

Below are the various roads that this site has photos of. The routes are sorted by their route number.

Route Number: Description: Preview:

State Highway 1 (Cape Reinga to Wellington & Picton to Bluff)

State Highway 2 (Pokeno to Ngauranga)
State Highway 3 (Hamilton to Palmerston North)
State Highway 6 (Blenheim to Invercargill)
State Highway 6A (Frankton to Queenstown)
State Highway 36 (Tauranga To Rotorua)
State Highway 94 (Levin to Ashhurst)
State Highway 94 (Gore To Milford Sound)
State Highway 97 (Mossburn to Five Rivers)

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