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Burracoppin was gazetted in 1891 and owes its existence to the Yilgarn gold rush and during those days was a bustling railhead. The town's name is derviced from Burracoppin Rock, a nearby granite rock, the name of which was first recorded in 1864 as Burancooping Rock. It was also shown as Lansdowne Hill in 1836. It is an Aboriginal name said to mean "near a big hill".

Burracoppin is also the site where the first Rabbit Proof Fence (No. 1) was started in 1901, with construction heading south to Esperance and north towards Port Hedland. Burracoppin was the main depot for the Rabbit Proof Fence. The main industry in town is wheat farming.

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Burracoppin Primary School Site:
Piles of rubble and a sign are all that remain of Burracoppin Primary School, April 2018. The school closed in 2000.

Image © Paul Rands

No. 1 Rabbit Proof Fence:
Commencement point of the No. 1 Rabbit Proof Fence in 1901, April 2018.

Image © Paul Rands

Rabbit Proof Fence Information Board:
Information board erected to commemorate 100 years since the construction of the Rabbit Proof Fence at Burracoppin, April 2018.

Image © Paul Rands

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