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South Australia: Kingston SE
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Kingston SE, a quiet coastal town located adjacent to Lacepede Bay and at the northern junction of the Princes & Southern Ports Highways. Established in the 1850's, Kingston was settled by sheep grazers until a jetty was built in the 1860's and port operations commenced. The town steadily grew as the railway from the east was extended from Naracoorte and by the mid 1900's, Kingston had become an important fishing base. Its name was changed in 1940 to Kingston S.E. (South East) to distinguish it from Kingston-on-Murray (near Barmera).

Today Kingston SE remains a key fishing village and although significant port operations have dwindled over time and the railway removed, the town has become a popular holiday destination due to its coastal position and proximity to the Coorong National Park. Of interest in the area include the Big Lobster (one of Australia's well known "big" icons - hard to miss as it accompanies a service centre at the northern entrance to town), the Coorong National Park (20km north) and Cape Jaffa (20km southwest). The town itself is quite pleasant, has several interesting 19th century buildings still standing, good fishing jetty, foreshore parkland and retains a sleepy atmosphere despite offering a wide variety of amenities for tourists.

The town is named after George Strickland Kingston, a former government surveyor.

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The Big Lobster:
The Big Lobster at Kingston SE, December 2001.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Maria Creek:
Looking north along the Princes Hwy from Maria Creek, Kingston SE, December 2001.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Kingston Town Centre:
Holland Street, looking north-west from James Street, Kingston SE. Note the historic post office in the distance. December 2001.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Kingston SE Jetty:
The Kingston SE jetty, December 2001.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Lacepede Bay:
View south across Lacepede Bay from the Kingston SE jetty, December 2001.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

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