Road Photos & Information: Western Australia
Victoria Highway, Great Northern Highway and Eyre Highway (National Highway 1)


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National Highway 1 is split into 2 segments in Western Australia. Along the southern end of WA it is known as Eyre Highway, which is a 2 lane undivided rural highway that runs from the WA / SA border near Eucla to Norseman in Western Australia's mining country. At the northern end of WA, it is known as Great Northern Highway and Victoria Highway. Great Northern Highway travels from Port Hedland to Wyndham, and then from there NH1 is known as the Victoria Highway to the WA / NT border. At each western terminus of NH1, the route continues as National Route 1, and the Auslink funded National Highway is routed via other route numbers through the state.

In order to show the 2 segments, this section contains 2 sub sections, which can be accessed by clicking inside one of the green boxes on the map below:

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