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Bulleen Road, Thompsons Road, Foote Street, Williamsons Road, Porter Street, Newmans Road, Heidelberg-Warrandyte Road, Ringwood-Warrandyte Road & Jumping Creek Road (Metropolitan Route 42)


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Metropoltan Route 42 is an arterial route that links several of Melbourne's outer northeastern suburbs with rural communities east of the city. The route is interesting in that it terminates at an unnumbered road at Wonga Park.

Multiplexes along the route include:


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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Thompsons Rd (MR42) approaching the Eastern Fwy (M3) interchange at Bulleen, August 2015.

Image © Paul Rands

Eastern Freeway:
Thompsons Rd (MR42) at the Eastern Fwy (M3) interchange, Bulleen, August 2015.

Image © Paul Rands

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