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Route Number Grange Road, Loyola Grove, Madden Grove, Wallen Road, Power Street, Denmark Street, Princess Street, Chandler Highway, Darebin Road, Station Street, Albert Street, Boldrewood Parade & Broadway (Metropolitan Route 21)


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Metropolitan Route 21 is a suburban arterial route linking Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

The route is a mix of divided and undivided road, passing through commercial, residential and industrial zones, including one of Melbourne's most exclusive suburbs, Toorak.

MR31 crosses the Yarra River 3 times.

The Chandler Highway section of the route was named after prominant local businessman and politician A. E. Chandler who was instrumental in pushing through the development of the Outer Circle Railway. The bridge that formed part of the railway is now used by Chandler Hwy road traffic. 2

Multiplexes along the route include:


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Yarra River:
Chandler Hwy (MR21) at Kew as it crosses the Yarra River via Outer Circle Bridge, November 2005.

Image © Rob Tilley

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