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  Lincoln Highway, Flinders Highway, Old Princes Highway, Callington Road & Southern Ports Highway (Alternate National Route 1) (Decommissioned)


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Alternate National Route 1 was a collection of separate roads in different parts of South Australia that paralleled National Route 1 or offered a different route to the same destinations, but in the case of Murray Bridge to Callington, the route is the former NR1 routing. The route of ALT-NR1 between Kingston SE and Millicent is the pre-1933 Princes Hwy routing. All of the ALT-NR1 routes in South Australia are rural highway standard, generally with 2 lanes in each direction, mostly servicing tourist areas and passing through mostly residential, rural and commercial zones.


Old Princes Highway & Callington Road:

Lincoln Highway & Flinders Highway:

Southern Ports Highway:

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Lincoln Gap to Ceduna Murray Bridge to Callington

1 Sam Laybutt (Ozroads)
2 History Trust of South Australia

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