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B33 Mount Barker Road, Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate-Strathalbyn Road, Adelaide Road, Angus Road, Venables Street & Macclesfield Road (Angas River Scenic Drive) (B33)


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B33 is a generally north-south route traveling from the Adelaide Hills to Strathalbyn which is centred between the Fleurieu Peninsula and the large Lake Alexandrina, at the mouth to the Murray River. The route is mostly rural road and some suburban road closer to Adelaide, but all 2-lane, single carrigeway

The Mt Barker Road (former Princes Hwy) segment of B33 was once part of National Route 1, and the main route from the eastern states to Adelaide.

Both the towns of Stirling and Algate date back to the mid 1800s.


Strathalbyn to Stirling Stirling to Strathalbyn
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Echunga Town centre:
Approaching Church Hill Rd in Echunga. October 2004.

Image © Darrin Smith

AD Sign:
Advance directional sign approaching the intersection with Churchill Road. October 2004.

Image © Darrin Smith

Church Hill Road:
ID sign assembly at the junction with Church Hill Rd at Echunga, December 2003.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Distance Sign:
RD sign as you head southeast on Angus Road at Echunga. October 2004.

Image © Darrin Smith

RD Sign:
Distance sign as you head northwest from Echunga, October 2004.

Image © Darrin Smith


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