Brisbane Metroad System Information Sign, Ipswich Motorway at Redbank, March 2007. Image © Rob Tilley

Brisbane is one of two Australian cities to have a Metroad route marking system (the other is Sydney). Introduced to Brisbane in 1995, the initial system consisted of routes 1-5 but a sixth was added following the opening of the Gateway Motorway extension (Southern Brisbane Bypass) in 1998.

The Metroads form the priority routes into and through the metropolitan area. However with the implementation of alphanumeric routes in 2000 some Metroads have been replaced with alphanumeric designations.

Below are the various routes this site has photos of. The routes are sorted by their route number

Route Number: Description: Preview:
mr2.png Metroad 2 (Gailes to Mansfield):
Granard Road, Riawena Road, Kessels Road & Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Road
Metroad 5 (Kedron to Toowong):
Frederick Street, Rouan Road, Boundary Road, MacGregor Terrace, Jubilee Terrace, Elimatta Drive, Stewart Road, Wardell Street, South Pine Road and Stafford Road

1 Michael Greenslade
2 Trent Thomson

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