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  Tanami Road (State Route 5)


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State Route 5, Tanami Road (or Tanami Track) is a mostly gravel road (though there are limited sealed sections, including the first ~160 km from Stuart Hwy) of varying condition and quality and used by travellers is a short cut from Alice Springs to the Kimberley in Western Australia. The road is named after the desert it passes through.

Sparsely populated, the route is traversed by road trains, some tourists and those who live in the region. The route is remote and for the experienced and prepared outback traveller and offers very limited access to fuel and supplies. The route services a number of mines and indigenous communities. There's no public access to the mines unless during an emergency. 1


Stuart highway to Western Australia Border   Western Australia Border to Stuart Highway
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Narrow Road Warning:
Warning for narrow road and edge drop-offs, Burt Plain, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

  Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign at Burt Plain approaching Stuart Hwy (NH87), November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

Road Conditions Sign:
Road conditions sign at Burt Plain, after Stuart Hwy (NH87), November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

  Stuart Highway:
Tanami Rd (SR5) at the junction with Stuart Hwy (NH87) at Burt Plain, November 2016. This is the southern terminus for SR5.

Image © Paul Rands

Reassurance Directional Sign:
Distance sign at Burt Plain, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

Last Fuel Warning:
Sign indicating last fuel in NT and distance to next fuel in WA, Burt Plain, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

Services Sign:
Services sign at Burt Plain, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands


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