Road Photos & Information: Northern Territory: Alphanumeric Routes
Reassurance directional sign on Cox Peninsula Rd at Livingstone, 2003. This sign has since been replaced. Image © Jamie Scuglia

Alphanumeric routes are the newest form of route numbering in the NT. Roads are numbered with A and B prefixes indicating the importance / standard of the route. At January 2019, the NT was still transitioning to alphanumeric route numbers, with a mix of shielded and alphanumeric signs dotted along numbered routes, or pointing to them.

The first alphanumeric route numbers appeared around 2003. According to the Department of Lands & Planning, the alphanumeric route numbers will be implemented progressively as signs are replaced under normal sign refurbishment programs. 1

Below are the various roads that this site has photos of. The routes are sorted by their route number.

Route Number: Description: Preview:
A1 A1 (Darwin to Daly Waters & WA Border):
Stuart Highway & Victoria Highway
B4 B4 (Erldunda to Yulara):
Lasseter Highway
B6 B6 (Alice Springs to Hermannsburg):
Larapinta Drive
A15 A15 (Palmerston to Darwin):
Tiger Brennan Drive
A36 A36 (Humpty Doo to Jabiru):
Arnhem Highway
B30 B30 (Coomalie Creek to Blackmore):
Batchelor Road & Litchfield Park Road
B34 B34 (Livingstone to Cox Peninsula):
Cox Peninsula Road
A87 A87 (Daly Waters to South Australian Border):
Sturt Highway

1 Sam Laybutt (Ozroads)

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