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  Motorway Link & Pacific Highway (State Route 111) (Decommissioned)


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SR111 is the former route of National Route 1 through the Hunter region. The section south of Swansea was also briefly part of the National Highway system and signed as NH1. The Motorway Link section of SR111 between Wallarah and Doyalson is super 2 expressway standard with a grade separated interchange with Tooheys Road. The rest is mostly dual carriageway highway or urban arterial road standard (either divided or undivided).

The route passes through mostly suburbia, although there are some nature reserves scattered along the southern section of the route. The route is the main arterial through suburban Newcastle and its southern suburbs, connecting eventually with the NSW Central Coast at Doyalson.

The Pacific Hwy section of SR111 features the Swansea Bridge spanning the entrance to Lake Macquarie. More than 27,000 road vehicles use the bridge each day. The bridge opens about 2000 times each year, and around five to six times per day, allowing up to 4500 boats to pass through. The number of openings is significant when you compare Swansea Bridge to other similar opening bridges in NSW eg the Spit Bridge in Sydney opens eight times each day during the summer, allowing more than 100 boats per day to pass, and the Harwood Bridge north of Grafton opens around 200 times a year. 2


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