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Pacific Highway, New England Highway, John Renshaw Drive, Southern Freeway, Mount Ousley Road & Princes Highway (National Route 1) (Decommissioned) - Historic Photos: Bradfield Highway & Sydney Harbour Bridge


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National Route 1 forms part of the main coastal route between Victoria and Queensland. The route features a mix of rural highway, arterial and freeway design standards. The route forms part of what is collectively known as Highway 1. It is Australia's coastal highway joining all mainland's state capitals and coastal towns circumnavigating the entire Australian continent. It is also the longest numbered highway in the world, covering more than 14 500 km.

In New South Wales, National Route 1 was truncated by National Highway 1 between Beresfield and Wahroonga, by Metroad 1 between Wahroonga and Waterfall and by M1 at Tweed Heads West.

NR1 was routed via Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bradfield Highway from 1955 until August 1992. No replacement number was given to the route, even though it is still a major arterial route. 2


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Dawes Point:
Sydney Harbour Bridge, enclosed arches, southern approach, published 1936.

Image © Department of Main Roads

Approach Spans:
One of four gantries, showing collapsible handrails, Dawes Point, published 1936.

Image © Department of Main Roads

Travelling Gantry:
Travelling gantry, 160 feet long, underside of deck, Dawes Point, published 1936.

Image © Department of Main Roads

Sydney Harbour Bridge:
Top image: Stages suspended from travelling crane. Bottom image: Type of stage used for painting underside of footway spans and footway brackets, published 1936.

Image © Department of Main Roads

Traffic Guides:
Rubber cones used for guiding traffic on approach to toll barriers on Sydney Harbour Bridge, Dawes Point, 1955.

Image © Department of Main Roads

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