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  Hume Highway (National Highway 31) - Construction Photos: Campbelltown to Wilton (Decommissioned)


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The Hume Highway is one of Australia's most vital highway links. Providing access between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's 2 largest cities. The National Highway section of the Hume Highway consists of almost 100% dual carriageway road, either rural expressway or motorway standard. Works to duplicate small sections of highway that are not dual carriageway are well underway.

In NSW, the highway in one form or another started life as the Great South Road, linking Sydney with the southern highlands and eventually beyond. The highway was named in 1928 after Hamilton Hume (1797-1873), a famous explorer in the early 19th century who, in 1824, in conjunction with William Hovell first found an overland route between Sydney and the infant colonial outpost of Port Phillip, the original name of Melbourne.

NH31 is the main freight and commuter route between Sydney and Melbourne and has gone through a massive amount of transformation over the past 30 or so years, with many towns being bypassed along its route as well and gradual upgrades to motorway standards. Since the 1960s, the road has either been duplicated, where alignments allow for it, and also large deviations have also been part of the upgrade process.

The route around the Mittagong area averages around 16,000 vehicles every day, in other sections the number drops off a little or closer to Sydney increases. 2

The route forms the Remembrance Driveway which honors war veterans, click here for the Remembrance Driveway web site.


The photos shown below are scanned from the DMR publication South Western Freeway, F5 from The Cross Roads near Liverpool to Aylmerton near Mittagong, which was published in December 1980.

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tn_1977_campbelltown_jimaffleckbr.jpg Glenlee Railway Bridges:
The reinforced earth retaining wall at the northern abutments of the Glenlee railway bridges (now the Jim Affleck Bridge) at Campbelltown, 1979.

Image © Department of Main Roads New South Wales

tn_1977_menangle.jpg Construction in The Menangle Area:
A hopper spreading quick lime as part of the pavement stabilisation process, which included mixing and watering, 1979.

Image © Department of Main Roads New South Wales

tn_1980_douglaspk_nepeanriver.jpg Nepean River:
Spectacular aerial view of the twin six-span structures over the Nepean River at Douglas Park, 1980. Click here for construction information.

Image © Department of Main Roads New South Wales

1 Roads and Traffic Authority
2 Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

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