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Decomissioned Routes
Advance directional sign on Fairbairn Av at Campbell, approaching the roundabout with Limestone Av and Anzac Pde. Image © Paul Rands

This page covers routes located across the Australian Capital Territory that have had their route numbers decommissioned.

Route numbers are usually decommissioned because their importance has diminished or the numbering system becomes defunct.

Following correspondence with Roads ACT on 9 November 2015, it was revealed that all tourist drives except for TD5 have been decommissioned.

At the time, due to funding, there was no program to replace all tourist drives at once. However, it was indicated that Roads ACT would be removing the signs gradually as part of their road maintenance program, except TD5. At the date of correspondence, it was indicated that discussions were in progress with Tourism ACT about using an appropriate name for the route.

Points of interest along the old routes still exist and according to the email they have been signposted individually considering the area of influence and the significance of the attraction.

National Routes Tourist Drives
The black on white markers indicate highways around Australia which are not part of the National Highway System but are still of some national significance. Tourist Drive markers denote roads through areas of significant scenic or historic interest and were colour coded in the ACT.

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