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Alphanumeric Routes
Intersection directional sign at the interchange of Majura Pkwy (M23) and Tambreet St at Majura, April 2015. Image © Paul Rands

Alphanumeric routes are the newest form of route numbering in the ACT. Roads are numbered with M, A and B prefixes indicating the importance / standard of the route. At January 2016, the ACT was still transitioning to alphanumeric route numbers, with a mix of shielded and alphanumeric signs dotted along numbered routes, or pointing to them.

The first alphanumeric route numbers appeared as coverplates on the Barton Hwy (A25) around Hall and on the Kings Hwy (B52) at Kowen. It is assumed these were installed by contractors working on the NSW conversion to alphanumeric routes by accident, as no other coverplates have been installed since. They were installed during November 2013.

The first sign installation featuring an alphanumeric route number within the ACT is located on the Monaro Hwy (signposted as B23) at Hume approaching the Isabella Dr roundabout. It was installed October 2014.

Below are the various roads that this site has photos of. The routes are sorted by their route number.

Route Number: Description: Preview:
M23 M23 (NSW Border to Fyshwick):
Federal Highway, Majura Parkway and Monaro Highway
A23 A23 (Watson to NSW Border (South) via Civic, Parliament House and Fyshwick):
Federal Highway, Northbourne Avenue, Vernon Circle, Commonwealth Avenue, State Circle, Canberra Avenue, Hume Place and Monaro Highway
A25 A25 (NSW Border to Lyneham):
Barton Highway
B52 B52 (Symonston to NSW Border and also Kowen):
Hindmarsh Drive, Canberra Avenue and Kings Highway

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