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National Route 1

Highway 1 is Australia's coastal highway joining all mainland's state capitals and coastal towns circumnavigating the entire Australian continent. It is also the longest numbered highway in the world.

Highway 1 also goes through Tasmania. It starts in Hobart and then works its way past Launceston and up to Burnie.

When the National Route Numbering system was adopted in 1955, Highway 1 was the only truly national highway, although it was not necessarily the shortest distance between many town centres. It could be argued that Highway 1 starts / ends in the historical Rocks precinct in the heart of Sydney, Australia's first city. Crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge north, it becomes the Pacific Highway, going south via George St (Australia's first street) it becomes the Princes Highway. At other capital cities it brushes past their central business districts.

With the introduction of National Highway system, the significance of Highway 1 diminished and in the 1990s, route numbering changes in Victoria and South Australia split it into two major sections running along the west and eastern coasts of Australia. The routes in SA and Vic are A1 & B1. Under the original Highway 1 scheme, certain stretches parallel to the main route was marked as National Route Alternative 1. However, almost all has been replaced by State Route Numbering.

This section concentrates on the NSW section, which consists of National Route 1 and National Highway 1, although some numbers are duplexed along the route and in Sydney it replaced by Metroad 1, see indiviudal route sections for actual numbers used.

For photos of National Highway 1 / Sydney - Newcastle Freeway, click here.
For photos of Metroad 1 in Sydney, click here.

Length (Total):
14,523 km
Route Numbers:
Information courtesy of Wikipedia and Sam Laybutt

Pacific Highway
Hexham to the Queensland Border

New England Highway
Hexham to Tarro
John Renshaw Drive
Tarro to Beresfield
Southern Freeway
Waterfall to Bulli Tops and from Gynneville to Yallah
Mount Ousley Road
Bulli Tops to Gwynneville (near Wollongong)

Princes Highway
Yallah to the Victorian Border