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  State Highway 20 (Decommissioned)


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The non-motorway section of SH20 is a multi-laned dual carriageway route servicing mostly commercial and industrial areas around Manukau City, south of Auckland. The route has been superseded by the Southwestern Motorway and the Roscommon Road section renumbered to Urban Route 17.


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Intersection Direction Sign:
ID sign facing the off ramp from Southern Mwy (SH1) to Redboubt Rd (former SH20) at Goodwood Heights, February 2006.

Image © Paul Mech

Intersection Direction Sign:
ID sign on Redoubt Rd (former SH20) at Goodwood Heights at the interchange with Southern Mwy (SH1), February 2006. This cloverleaf ramp has since been removed and replaced with a straight ramp at the same junction.

Image © Paul Mech

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