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Victoria: Wedderburn
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Wedderburn is in central Victoria, and is mainly a farming community but its early residents were gold miners and prospectors. In 1884 its name changed from Korong Vale to Wedderburn to avoid confusion with similar sounding towns throughout the state.

The town features a number of walking trails and bush paths, there's also quite a variety of flora and fauna to experience, and there's still gold to be found around the place as well. Despite various gold finds from the 1850s onwards, the most significant for the area was the Hand of Faith gold nugget, weighing over 27 kilograms. It was found at Kingower near Wedderburn in 1980.

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High St in the Wedderburn town centre, 2003.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Jacka Park:
Soldiers memorial in Jacka Park at Wedderburn, 2003.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

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