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Tasmania: Beaconsfield
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Located on the banks of Middle Arm, Beaconsfield is a former gold mining town near the Tamar River, in north-eastern Tasmania.

The area around Beaconsfield was first explored by Europeans in 1804. Settlement of Beaconsfield itself, then known as Brandy Creek did not occur until the 1850s. Limestone mining led to the discovery of gold in 1869. Gold mining began in 1877 and the Brandy Creek was renamed to Beaconsfield in 1879. Prior to European settlement, the area had been inhabited by members of the Tyerrernotepanner Aboriginal language group for thousands of years.

The town features a number of historic buildings, and because of its status as a former gold rush town, many of the buildings are quite ornate and significant in stature. The town is a popular tourist spot these days and features a mine and heritage centre, celebrating the town's mining history. Also nearby is the striking Batman Bridge over the Tamar River.

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View over Beaconsfield from the west of the town, 2008.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Beaconsfield Town Centre:
Weld St near West St in Beaconsfield, 2008.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Beaconsfield Mine:
View of the now closed Beaconsfield Mine, 2008.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

Beaconsfield Mining Heritage Centre:
View of the Beaconsfield Mining Heritage Centre, 2008.

Image © Jamie Scuglia

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