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South Australia: Adelaide Southern Suburbs
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The Adelaide suburbs generally sprawl north-south due to terrain difficulties as the Mt Lofty Ranges bound the city to the east and St Vincents Gulf to the west. Urban sprawl has been a continual problem from Adelaide in particular due to these restraints as the suburbs spread up to 30km north and south but by only10km east and west, however with the recent trend being towards urban densification, this will slowly subside.

Adelaide's suburban boom typically started after WW2, on par with the other capital cities - before then, many of Adelaide's outer suburbs were separate towns which were inevitably swallowed up as the city grew during the 1960's and 1970's. One intriguing factor of Adelaide's growth during these times was the lack of development in Adelaide's roads. While there was plans for freeway ring roads which have proved successful in one form or another in other cities, no action was ever taken. Only in recent times has the road network in outer Adelaide developed, however with the housing trend for densification, the inner road network will ultimately be put to the test in coming years. Though public transport upgrading can be worked on, Adelaide infact was the innovator for the world renowned O-Bahn busway that was built in the 1980s and for the first fully reversible one-way motorway (Southern Expressway) that was completed in 2001 - both of which have been a success.

In and around the Adelaide suburbs, the highlights include Glenelg (Jetty Road and Colley Tce), the Adelaide beaches (clean and safe), Norwood Parade, the Adelaide Hills (Mt Lofty, Stirling, Belair & Aldgate), Port Adelaide (Maritime museum) & Semaphore. Due to the amount of photos to be displayed, the suburbs have been split into northern and southern sections.


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Jetty Road:
Looking west along Jetty Rd at Brighton towards the Arch of Remembrance and Brighton Jetty, October 2012.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Jetty Road:
Looking east on Jetty Rd near Brighton Rd at Brighton, October 2012.

Image © Michael Greenslade

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