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Queensland: Winton
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Winton is the Dinosaur Capital of Australia, home of Waltzing Matilda and Queensland’s Boulder Opal. 1

Winton is also home to the world’s only recorded evidence of a dinosaur stampede – the Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry Conservation Park. More than 95 million years old, there are 3,300 stampeding footprints immortalised in stone and protected 110km south-west of Winton. 1

Filled with many majestic historic buildings, the town is surrounded by natural wonders and reserves, and it is the centre of an important cattle and sheep raising region of predominantly flat grassland known as the Channel Country. 2

Winton was originally known as Pelican Waterhole. In 1875 Robert Allen became the local postmaster. It is said that Allen reportedly became tired of writing the long 'Pelican Waterhole' on letters and so he renamed the town after the suburb in Bournemouth, England where he was born. The town of Winton was formally gazetted in 1879. 2

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Town Centre:
Elderslie Street passing through the Winton town centre, November 2016. This street once formed part of the highway linking Brisbane with Mount Isa.

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