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Queensland: Beerwah
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Located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, north of Brisbane, Beerwah is famous for being close to the Glass House Mountains and also the home of Australia Zoo, operated by the family of wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin.

Now bypassed by the Bruce Highway, the town still retains its small town character but is home to a shopping centre with some of Australia's leading shops, and is close to a lot of natural attractions including Mount Beerwah, which overlooks the town.

The name Beerwah comes from the Kabi language (Turrbal dialect) word 'birrawaman', with 'birra' meaning sky and 'wandum' meaning climbing up.

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Beerwah Parade in Beerwah near the town centre, November 2005.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Glass House Mountains Road:
Looking north along Glass House Mountains Rd at Beerwah, November 2005.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Beerwah Town Centre:
Simpson St Beerwah, November 2005.

Image © Michael Greenslade

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