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  Marmion Avenue, West Coast Highway, Curtin Avenue & Eric Street (State Route 71)


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General Information:

SR71 is a significant north-south route that runs more or less parallel with the coastline and connects some of Perth's oldest suburbs with its newest.

Marmion Avenue:

The route is a mix of 2 and 4 lane configuration, with the Marmion Av section dual carriageway. Marmion Avenue was first created as an arterial road that traversed the then-new outer northern suburbs of Perth, following the outer northern limit as it expanded. Marmion Avenue was named after the suburb of Marmion (see notes about suburb below), which was the start of the road in the late 1960s, when it was an arterial road from Warwick to then-remote Mullaloo Beach. Until the early 1980s, the road was a single carriageway.

Marmion Avenue is named after Patrick Marmion who first settled in the Marmion area in 1849. He established a whaling station and was granted land in the area to run sheep. 2

West Coast Highway:

West Coast Highway is a major arterial coastal road located in the western and inner northern suburbs of Perth, linking the northern coastal suburbs of Perth with the city of Fremantle. It consists of both single and dual carriageway with 2 or 4 lanes. The highway began life as a minor coastal road (called Coast Road) between Swanbourne and North Beach in the 1940s.


marmion Avenue:

West Coast Highway:

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