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  Robertson Dr, Bussell Hwy, Busselton Bypass, Brockman Hwy, Vasse Hwy, Pemberton-Northcliffe Rd, Wheatley Coast Rd & Middleton Rd (State Route 10)


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State Route 10 is a connector route for the southwest region of Western Australia. It connects Bunbury to towns further south and south east filling the gap that isn't covered by National Route 1.

The route is most rural highway standard, with some divided 4 lane sections between Bunbury and Busselton. The Bussell Highway section of SR10 was named after the Bussell family, some of the region's first settlers. The Bussell Highway forms the main route servicing the coastal strip betwen Bunbury and Augusta. The road between Busselton and Margaret River is used on average by more than 4000 vehicles per day, with significantly more during summer and holiday periods. 1

SR10 extends beyond Busselton to Margaret River and eventually Augusta, near the southwestern most tip of Australia's mainland. About 20 km north of Augusta, SR10 also branches off and is part of the Brockman Highway, which travels in a south easterly direction eventually connecting with the Vasse Hwy which also forms part of the route between Pemberton and Nannup.


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